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Saturday, March 12, 2016

Taybor Pepper Michigan State Snapper Working To Make an NFL Roster

Taybor Pepper at Coach Zauner's 2016 College Senior Combine
Taybor Pepper, Michigan State University Snapper is working hard to prepare for this years 2016 NFL Draft. 
Taybor attended Coach Zauner January 15-17, 2016 Snappers ONLY 'Vital Man' Camp.  He was one of thirty-five snappers attending.  He came to work on his snapping and blocking technique.
2016 January 'Vital Man' Snappers ONLY Camp in Fountain Hills, AZ
At 6'5 235 pounds Taybor has the size to catch  the eye of NFL coaches and scouts.  The biggest transition college snappers need to make is to perfect their blocking technique if they plan to make an NFL roster.  Taybor is working to perfect all phases of his snapping game. 

Taybor Working to Improve his 'Perfect Laces' with Coach Zauner
Since I met Taybor in January I've only seen a hard working young man with a lot of NFL potential.  Size, snapping ability and good agility.  Taybor was one of the six snappers that I recommended to NFL Coaches as Top Potential Snappers.  The 2016 College Senior Combine yielded at least 10 snappers that will catch the eye of NFL personal.  I wish all of them the best of luck in the upcoming months. 

I wish Taybor the best of luck on his PRO Day and in the upcoming 2016 NFL Draft!

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