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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Sergio Castillo West Texas A & M

On Sunday and Monday West Texas A & M Combination Kicker / Punter, Sergio Castillo was in Scottsdale, Arizona for some One on One Kicking and Punting Lessons.

Sergio called a couple of months ago trying to come to Scottsdale, Arizona earlier in the year but needed to save up some money to make the journey. The One on One Lessons cost more and are more expensive than my PRO Development Camps and Combines.

However, the true value to the specialists in a One on One Lesson is the amount of One on One time and the individual improvement each player makes during their two or three kicking lessons. Also the video review and the DVD each specialists gets of all the teaching points and drills at the end of the lessons is invaluable.

Sergio was very happy with his improvement in the two lessons and he felt the One on One Lessons were an excellent investment of his money and time.

Sergio had attended a couple of kicking camps during his high school years and was taught some suspect fundamentals. In the above photo you will see him kicking and crunching. He was unable to kick and skip through the ball because of the crunching motion.

After two days of video review, technique work and mirror drills, Sergio ended the second day of lessons kicking up and through the ball. He was making better foot to ball contact and was kicking and skipping through the ball. His kicks were going further and straighter with less effort.

Sergio's goal before he started the lessons was to become a more consistent kicker. He was very happy at the end of the One on One Lessons because he had accomplished his goal. He was not only more consistent but had better form.

Sergio has natural kicking and punting skills. It is my opinion that sometimes kicking coaches can make a kicking specialists too mechanical or robotic and take away a natural kicking motion. Sergio was much more relaxed punting the ball and looked more natural.

During the end of the second lesson I stressed some basic punting fundamentals and introduced Sergio to my Drop Progression and One Step Drills.

Sergio was a quick study during the punting section because he punted and flowed up and through the ball much better than he kicked field goals. We eventually put everything together with his punting and kicking and he was doing both more naturally.

At the end of the punting session Sergio hit several excellent (SNO's) Spiral Nose Over Punts to the Power Zone. He had a big smile on his face when he finished the lesson. He was now punting and kicking with better technique and more consistency.

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It was a pleasure meeting and working with Sergio and I wish him the best of luck next season at West Texas A & M... 'Go Buffaloes'!

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