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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Value of Good Technique

This past year has been exceptional in terms of a kicking coach seeing the results from specialists who came to me for Kicking, Punting and Snapping Lessons.
Drew Butler was named the ‘Ray Guy Award’ winner. Rob Maver was named one of the top kicking specialists in Canada and has become a ‘hot’ commodity in the upcoming Canadian draft.

Drew Butler 'Ray Guy Award' Winner

Rob Maver - Canada's Top Combination P/PK Specialist

Billy Cundiff re-booted his career into the NFL with an excellent showing at my 2009 Free Agent Specialists Combine, and Mitch Berger, with continued training through One on One lessons, kept his 15 year career thriving going on to a Super Bowl win in the 2009 season.

Billy Cundiff - Baltimore Ravens

Mitch Berger - Pittsburgh Steelers Super Bowl

Sebastian Janikowski has improved his accuracy in long field goal attempts in the past two years since his One on One kicking workout, and has recently signed a multi-million dollar contract with the Raiders. While Jon Ryan performed his best season yet and signed a multi-year contract extension with the Seahawks.

Sebastian Janikowski - Oakland Raiders

Jon Ryan - Seattle Seahawks

Recently NFL greats Gary Anderson, Kevin Butler and Jeff Feagles have brought their sons to me for kicking and punting lessons. I am honored each have entrusted me to work with their sons to carry on the great legacy they have created.

Gary Anderson & Austin Anderson

Kevin and Drew Butler with C.J. and Jeff Feagles

And let’s not forget Garrett Hartley made Super Bowl History with his three ‘40 yards and over’ field goals.

Garrett Hartley - New Orleans Saints

As a football kicking coach having conducted Kicking and Punting Lessons with all of these individuals, I would say the one thing they have in common is each ‘values’ technique. And these specialists have been willing to do whatever it takes to ensure they have the best skills and technique they can for their profession.

Throughout my career, I have worked with many specialists who have been kicking, punting or snapping for years without any formal training. Some of these specialists have even made it into the NFL or other professional teams; and they have achieved their success on sheer determination alone. I am always amazed and impressed by that.

But as someone who has been a kicking coach for over 30 years, I can say with certainty that no matter how far a specialist gets on sheer will, determination and talent, they will always be leaving something behind if they don’t receive proper coaching or instruction to help them refine their skills and technique.

I have seen this time and time again in my One on One Lessons. So often a ‘seasoned’ specialists will tell me, either during the lesson or afterwards, that he now realizes what has been ‘missing’ from his game.

And that is gratifying. It makes me feel I have bought value to this player’s game.

This next year, I am planning on adding more coaching tools in an effort to bring value to specialists at all levels; for those already in the NFL, and those specialist's 'Path to the NFL'.

First, I am currently adding PRO Development Camps in Arizona and Minnesota. Then, over the summer, I will be working on a new book on Kicking and Punting; my goal is to have that ready sometime in spring.

Finally, in the fall, I will be launching a ‘subscription’ base section to my website that will feature training techniques, Webinars, FAQ’s and other tools that will help any specialist improve their game.

Grande Sports World - UFL Training Site

Macalester College Stadium in St. Paul, Minnesota

You can go to my website for more information about the PRO Development Camps and One on One Lessons: kicking, punting and snapping.

Also please note, there will be a fee increase for One on One lessons after May 15, 2010. So book now to take advantage of the current prices. Click here for information regarding new pricing for One on One Lessons and Coaching the Coaches Clinics.

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