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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Photo Gallery - AZ PRO Development Camp

The Philosophy behind Coach Zauner's PRO Development Camps is Quality Not Quantity.The Pro Development Camps were designed to develop or refine Specialist that have aspiration of being NFL Specialists. Coach Zauner's Combines and PRO Development Camps are designed to give College and Free Agent Players 'A Path to the NFL' Most of my PRO Development Camps will have 15 to 30 Specialist. I don't want 50 to 100 Campers. I want to have the ability to work with each specialists and help them to refine their technique. I would like each specialist that has an aspiration to be a professional kicker, punter or snapper to develop and refine their technique so they have a better chance to make it to the NFL, CFL or UFL and attain his dream.

Philosophy of Coach Zauner LLC - Quality Not Quantity Photos from PRO Development Camp in Casa Grande, AZ

2010 Arizona PRO Development Campers Nick Schirtzinger - Robert Morris -Videograher for the Camp. Coach Talks to the Punters Tom Malone USC and Free Agent wins Punters Competition Justin Brantley Works Aussie Drop Punt Technique Alonso Rojas (Left) Justin Brantley (Center) Tom Malone (Right) Justin Brantley former (Texas A & M & Houston Texas) Works Drill TJ Grzesikowski Ferrum College All-American Works One Step Drill Coach Zauner Instructs Derek Epperson (Baylor University) Alonso Rojas (U. of Kansas Punter) Works One Step Drill Coach Zauner - Drop Progression Drill to Punters Punters Working One Step Drill Coach Works Drops with Free Agent Punters:

Justin Brantley (Texas A&M / Houston Texans)

Tom Malone (USC / N.E. Patriots & Seahawks)

Coach Instructing Snappers & Holders on 'Perfect Laces'

Matt Rios (Cal. Berkeley) Snaps to Derek Epperson (Baylor U)

Alonso Rojas / Derke Epperson / Shane Perterlin / Kelly Nelson

Nick Freeland (U. of Indiana) Wins Competition with 60 Yd FG

Fabrizio Scaccia Works Field Goal Technique

Randy Bulluck (Texas A & M) Kicks with Justin Brantley Holding

Jacob Branstetter (U. of Kansas) Kicks with Alonso Rojas Holding

Giannis Kourlesis (U. of Greece) Kicks During Camp

Kicker, James Aho (U. of New Mexico) Kicks During Competition

Kickers Watch and Wait During Sunday Competition

G. Kourlesis / F. Scaccia / N. Pertuit / R. Bulluck & N. Freeland

Coach Works with Randy Bulluck (Texas A & M)

Fabrizio Scaccia Works Onside Kickoff

Specialist Saying 'Good Bye' and Good Luck

Casa Grande Sports Complex Beautiful Fields

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