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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Georgia's Jamie Lindley Punting Lesson

On Friday and Saturday University of Georgia's Jamie Lindley was in Scottsdale, Arizona for a One on One Punting Lesson. Jammie was referred to me by Drew Butler who was the 'Ray Guy Award' Winner last year also from the University of Georgia.
During Georgia's spring practice Jamie was working on his punting technique to be the back up punter to Drew Butler and was also competing with Blair Walsh and Brandon Bogotay as the kickoff specialists.
I could tell during Jamie's warm up that he has a strong leg but needed some work on his punting fundamentals. Jamie had a very inconsistent drop. The movement with the ball during his drop was the result of his grip and a two handed drop. He also was not punting up and through the ball and getting the most out of his body.

After our video review I pointed out a couple flaws with his fundamentals and we started to correct them the second day.

I introduced Jamie to my Drop Progression, One Step and Catch and One Step Drills. Jamie worked the drills and made some quick improvement.

As his drop improved so did his foot to ball contact. He started to hit more (SNO) spirals nose over punts to the power zone. He could feel how his body was flowing more up and through the ball with less effort.

Jamie after two lessons knows what he needs to do to improve his punting fundamentals. He also needs to spend a ton of time working the new fundamental and mirror drills.

It was a pleasure meeting and working with Jamie and I wish him the best of luck this coming season competing with the other specialists at the University of Georgia.

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