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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Duke PK Snyderwine Gets PHD in Kicking

On Tuesday and Wednesday Duke University Kicker, William Snyderwine and his father David were in Scottsdale, Arizona for a One on One Kicking Lesson.

David Snyderwine is a Blue Blood Rugby and Hockey Player turned father and coach. All three seem to go together in Snyderwine family. I must say both Will and David were a pleasure to meet and talk to.

David and I had some great stories to exchange about Rugby and some of the old Dinosaur kickers throughout NFL history. David is currently playing Rugby for recreation and coaching Rugby and Soccer back in Washington D.C.

William is going to be junior kicker at Duke University and I must say after two days of working with him I believe he will be a good one.

We started the kicking lesson and right away I tried to emphasize foot to ball placement because Will was under cutting too many kicks.

Once Will started to make more consistent contact we worked on eliminating his 'canyon crunch' and rolling on his ankle.

Will has been taught the No Step Drill and a couple of other drills that I believe hurt all kickers technique.

Will warmed up with a No Step and One Step Drill but with a lot of crunching.

After our video review on Tuesday afternoon I came up with a game plan and progression of drills on day two. At the end of the second day Will was kicking more naturally up and through the ball with more power and consistency.

He said at the end of the lesson he liked what he had learned. Will's father David who is also a coach was very pleased and complimentary about the positive results he saw his son make.

It was a real pleasure meeting and working with Will and wish him the best of luck next season at Duke. Will earned his PHD in kicking in just two days. I would think anyone for Duke, Stanford or any Ivy league University would be a quick study and Will was.

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