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Monday, June 1, 2009

'Coaching the Coaches' Clinics

On Friday Afternoon James Hartley, a Canadian kicking coach from the University of Calgary flew into Phoenix's Sky Harbor Airport for a One on One 'Coaching the Coaches' Kicking Clinic.

Also, on Friday Joe Ross, an assistant coach from the Military Academy (Army)arrived into town for a three hour 'Coaching the Coaches' Clinic . Rich Ellerson, the new Head Football Coach at Army responded to my Constant Contact, 'Coach Zauner's Kicking Update' newsletter inviting coaches to participate in various clinics designed to their specific needs.

Coach Ellerson whom I have known for years is a real advocate of kicking specialists and the kicking game. When Rich was an assistant coach at the University of Arizona he was also the Special Teams Coordinator.

With both coaches I covered the fundamentals of kicking, holding, snapping and punting. I also went over how to video tape their kicking specialist and how to chart them. In the above photo I am showing coaches my kicking charts for snappers.

On Sunday I gave a One on One 'Coaching the Coaches' Clinic designed for special teams coaches to Jeff Banks, Special Teams Coordinator at UTEP (University of Texas at El Paso) and to Johnny Nansen, assistant coach and Special Teams Coordinator at the University of Washington and his assistant.

I was back in the saddle...teaching and coaching and I must say, I really enjoyed my time with the kicking and special teams coaches.

My topics with the special teams coaches was kickoff cover and kickoff return. I gave the coaches a four hour clinic on fundamentals, drills, schemes along with selection and utilization of personnel.

In the photo above I showed the coaches a video of my famous 'Gauntlet Drill'. The coaches loved the drill and immediately asked me for a copy of the drill. I have used this drill for almost 18 years while I was a special teams coach and coordinator in college and the NFL. It gives a coach an excellent way to evaluate talent.

For four hours I gave the coaches all the information they wanted. They asked questions and I responded with answers and options.

At the end of the One on One 'Coaching the Coaches' Clinic all the coaches said they were very happy they came and loved all the information I gave them.

At most coaching clinics the speaker tells you what he wants to speak about. I designed my One on One 'Coaching the Coaching' Clinics so a coach gets exactly what he wants to know not what you want to tell them. My clinics are tailored specifically for the needs of the attending coaches.

It was a fun weekend with all the coaches that attended and I wish all of them success working with their kicking specialists and the special teams units.

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