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Monday, June 1, 2009

Chris Bodnar U. of Saskatchewan

On Sunday and Monday Chris Bodnar from the University of Saskatchewan was again in Scottsdale, Arizona for some more One on One Punting & Kicking Lessons.

Chris is a good athlete that also plays quarterback. Chris returned to Scottsdale after about four weeks of practice to show me how much he has improved and to work more on his punting technique.

Chris struggled during the first lesson to turn the ball over on his punts. In other words he was not hitting (SNO) spiral nose over punts. In my opinion, I felt Chris was punting up and through the ball. He told me he had punting really good back home and was getting frustrated.

We stopped for a while and talked. I told him to slow down and relax. We went back to basic fundamentals. I tried to get him punting up and through the ball with good tempo and rhythm.

At the end of the first lesson and all during the second lesson Chris was on a roll. The second day he turned the ball over on almost every punt. He punted more relaxed and his body was flowing up and through the ball. He was all smiles.

On Monday we spent most of the day working on Chris's field goal technique. Again we went with the basic fundamentals. Perfect triangle, approach, foot on the ball and kicking up and through the ball.

Chris has foot skills. He at this point is a more natural punter than a kicker. However, during the second lesson he hit a couple of really good kicks that caused us both to look at each other and realized the actual potential he can achieve.

Chris has worked really hard to improve his punting technique and I know he will work hard to improve his placekicking technique. I would imagine that when I see him again in a couple of weeks his field goal technique will also be much improved.

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