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Thursday, June 25, 2009

PRO Development Kicking Camp

On Wednesday I began my first Coach Zauner PRO Development Kicking Camp (June 24-26th) at Macalester College, located in St. Paul Minnesota. You can go to www.coachzauner.com for camp details. Again on July 24-26th I will be hosting my second PRO Development Kicking Camp. This camp will be a Fri., Sat., & Sunday event. I had 14 college and free agent specialists (kickers, punters and snappers) at my first camp. By design I want these camps to be fairly moderate in attendance. Ideally 15 to 25 specialists.Also, proportionately an equal numbers of kickers, punters and snappers for group work.

My goal in these camps is for each specialist to get a lot of individual attention. Each camper will be video taped and analyzed. They will also be able to view many of my training and coaching tapes of my One on One Lessons with the PRO's. In the above photo you see me explaining some coaching points to specialists about coaching my one step drill using Sebastian Janikowski as an example.
Thursday night the kicking specialists received an excellent presentation on 'The Mental Side of the Kicking Game'.
In the above photo you see my first group attending my PRO Development Kicking Camp. I was fortunate to have the assistanceMarshall Mullenbach special teams coach and defensive assistant on the far left. Click below to here Testimonials about Coach Zauner's PRO Development Camp by A.J. Schable University of South Dakota (NFL) Utility Player and Snapper, Ryan Dougherty (Punter) East Carolina and Free Agent with Green Bay Packers, Niko Rechul (Kicker) Syracuse University and Free Agent.

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