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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Coach Zauner's June & July Camps

On Saturday June 20th my wife (Michelle) and I will be getting on Northwest Airlines and heading back home to Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Land of the Packers (minus Brett Favre) and their loyal fans.

Heading back home to celebrate my mother's 85th Birthday and Father's Day. I am a very lucky man to still have both my parents alive and in good health.

During June and July I will be extremely busy with three kicking camps and a bunch of One on One Lessons back in Wisconsin and Minnesota. Therefore, I will have limited or brief blogs.
This will be my schedule: Coach Zauner's PRO Development Kicking Camp June 24-26th located at Macalester College in St. Paul Minnesota.

Macalester Game Field

Immediately after my Macalester Pro Development Kicking Camp I will travel to River Falls, Wisconsin for the River Falls Kicking Camp (kickers, punters and snappers).

I have worked this kicking camp for 30 plus years, conceived by Mike Farley in the mid-1970, River Falls Kicking Camp was the original kicking camp in the nation and was considered to be the best.

This is were I grew up and got my start as a kicking coach. I went to the University of Wisconsin - LaCrosse. I taught high school physical education and coached in the Milwaukee area for eight years; Cudahy, Wauwatosa West and Sussex's Hamilton.

At the River Falls Kicking Camp Jon Ryan former Green Bay Packers and current Seattle Seahawks punter will be one of the Pro Headliners.

When I finish the River Falls Kicking Camp I will travel back to Milwaukee, Wisconsin and give One on One Lessons at Wisconsin Lutheran College. Below is a photo of the game field on which I will give lessons.

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