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Monday, June 15, 2009

Kyle Witman Slippery Rock Lessons

On Monday and Tuesday Kyle Witman from Slippery Rock College and his father Dennis were in Scottsdale, Arizona for some One on One Punting Lessons.

Kyle is a 6' 215 pound punter with a pretty big leg. Kyle averaged about 42 yards last season and ended up 6th in the nation but is looking to refine his punting technique. Kyle admits he is a self taught punter who has done pretty well on his own but knows he needs to get better to take his game to the next level.

I asked Kyle what he does for a warm up? His answer was, "I take a couple of drops and hit a couple of one steps and wait for my snapper and start punting."

Kyle being a self taught punter utilizes a very rare two handed drop and has succeeded to date. His two handed drop in the first lesson was pretty consistent. Kyle hit some good SNO (spiral nose over) punts with excellent distances.

Kyle asked me what I taught about his punting technique. My answer was "I really never like to ever change any punters drop unless it is absolutely necessary. Kyle has succeeded to date but if he wants to take his game to the next level I suggested he at least try a one handed drop like most college and NFL punters.

Many of the Australian "Aussie Rules" punters utilize a two handed drop because that's what they use running and "torpedo" punting balls across a "Aussie Rules" football field.

After the first lesson we watched his video and analyzed his punting technique. In my opinion he had a lot of movement in his drop. He hit some excellent power zone punts but also had some stray bullets.

Day two I introduced my 'Drop Progression' and 'One Step' punting drills to Kyle. It was a little different for him because he likes to just go out and starting hitting punts.

I believe that if Kyle can get less movement in his drop and be more consistent with a two or one handed drop he could open some NFL scouts eyes.

This was one of my more difficult lessons. Only because I was trying to make a decision for a young man that wants to be an NFL punter but has a rather unique but fairly successful punting style.

As a consultant I gave Kyle and his father two options. It will be up to them to decide which way they decide to proceed.

It was a real pleasure meeting and working with Kyle and I wish him the best of luck this upcoming season at the 'Rock', Slippery Rock College.

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