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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Kai Brown Long Snapping Lessons

On Monday and Tuesday Kai Brown and his father Nathaniel "Buster" Brown drove to Scottsdale, Arizona for some One on One Snapping Lessons.

Kai is a good looking 6'4 and 250 pound defensive end, linebacker and special teams standout from Brown University. Kai also has some excellent potential to be a long snapper. Kai is a smart young man and is exploring all his options in an effort to play professional football.

Kai's father, Nathaniel “Buster” Brown is the former vice president and CFO for Paul G. Allen’s asset management company Vulcan, Inc. Buster has friends and acquaintances with the Seattle Seahawks who recommended Kai come to Arizona for some One on One Snapping Lessons.

About five weeks ago Kai and his father drove to San Diego to meet me for an evaluation of his snapping talent. In an hour evaluation I saw Kai as a good athlete with some excellent potential.

The good news and bad news for Kai is I believe Kai has some natural talent and potential to be a snapper however, the bad news is he has no game experience.

Kai has practice drills and technique that I introduced to him about five weeks ago and he has made some excellent progress. When I first met Kai he had speed on his snaps however, needed to improve on his technique and accuracy. With better technique comes better accuracy. He has made significant improvement in all phases of his snapping game.

Kai has worked hard on my 'Elbow Thrust and Slide' and 'Ball & Strikes Drills'.

The video review after the first lesson was once again an excellent teaching tool to make corrections. Kai was amazed by the slow motion and video footage angles of his snapping technique.

He could now see some of the mistakes he was making. More importantly the video and teaching tapes he viewed helped to make everything crystal clear for him on what he needed to do to improve and still take his game to the next level.

We finished both days with field goal snapping technique. Kai has also improved on his technique and consistency in this phase of his snapping game. He has learned to snap with better tempo and rhythm. During my 'Perfect Laces Drill' he was hitting almost every snap right on the money.

It has been a pleasure meeting and working with Kai and his father 'Buster'. They are both really nice people and I wish Kai the best of luck in his pursuit of an NFL, CFL or UFL career.

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