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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Paradise Valley H.S. Clinic

On Wednesday afternoon I went to Paradise Valley High School in Phoenix, Arizona for one of a series of Coaching Clinics. Being a Special Teams Coach in the NFL for 13 years has given me some great insight into special teams from a team aspect.

A few weeks back I sat down with the coaches over at Paradise Valley and went over kickoff coverage, holding, and the proper technique for snapping. Today I went to work with the kicking specialists personally during one of their Spring practices.

As you can see in the picture (above) I am instructing the punters on the proper way to punt the ball. Fundamentals are vital at any position but especially as a punter. I briefly went over the proper way to drop the ball and I worked on getting the punters to just kick spirals.

I have really enjoyed working with the coaches and players at Paradise Valley and I appreciate the great relationship that I have built with them. I expect big things from their special teams this year and look forward to working with them in the near future.

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