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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Jon Kalnas Snapping Evaluation

Jon Kalnas, was in Scottsdale, Arizona for an snapping evaluation on Thursday. John is 29 years old and would love to snap footballs for a profession. At the present time he is training to compete Nationally in the shot put event. He is a workout warrior!

He came to Arizona to get my evaluation of his long snapping technique and his potential to make it into a NFL training camp.

During my evaluation I tried to help Jon with his technique. Like most snappers he had good velocity but needed to be more consistent. In the photo below we adjusted Jon's stance. I got him to bend his knees more and start with a flat back.

Next, we worked on his elbow thrust and slide. In the photo below you see him in full extension and following straight through to his target the punter.

We also evaluated John on his field goal snapping technique. Jon did very well in my perfect laces drill. He pretty much hit laces on every snap.

Jon is a workout warrior. He went from a all day plane flight from Jersey to a snapping evaluation in Scottsdale to The John Godina World Throws Center where he received a quick workout to prepare for a throwing competition in the Tucson Elite Meet on Saturday.

The man has a passion for what he does. I can relate! To be the best you can be or the best in the world you have to spend time and do things that other people don't have time for.

Jon has snapping potential. However, his age will be an obstacle. He needs to be more consistent with his snapping accuracy. I know he will work hard and get better. I told him to work on a couple of things and get back to me in about three weeks.

It was a real pleasure meeting Jon Kalnas and getting a chance to work with him. Getting into an NFL camp or making a roster is not easy. I told Jon only the best of the best make it into the NFL. His age and lack of football experience make his chances slim.

However, in life you only need one person to fall in love with your idea, talent or dream and it may open doors you never thought would be open.

Jon has a passion and a love that can be addicting. I wish him the best of luck in his pursuit of an NFL career.

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