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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Austin Anderson McGill University

On Monday through Thursday Austin Anderson (McGill University) came here to Scottsdale, Arizona with his father Gary for some One on One Kicking Lessons. Austin is going to be entering his sophomore season in college up in Canada and is recovering from a sports hernia surgery. He was the starter last year and hit 5 field goals in his first career game.

On the first day Austin wasn't kicking his best. One contributing factor was that the airline lost his luggage and he had to borrow someone else's shoes! The new shoes were a factor but I also saw some things to refine in his technique. He had a tendency to crunch down and wrap his foot around the ball.

As you can see in the picture (above) Austin's father, I believe NFL future Hall of Fame, Gary Anderson, is watching attentively as Austin is kicking. Gary is one of the greatest kickers of all time, but just like most sons it is hard for Austin to listen to his father give him advice and that's where I came in to help.

After watching the video from the first day and working on the drills back at his hotel, Austin showed dramatic improvement from the first day. I had him focus on the 'One Step Drill' and he was able to get much better impact on the ball. He kicked some 50 yard field goals and rarely mishit a ball (which reminded me of his father).

After working on field goals we moved to kickoffs. Like most kickers, Austin had a tendency to crunch down on his kickoffs. We worked on kicking up and through the ball and being more under control. Austin was a quick study and had much more fluidity on his approach after I made a few refinements.

Click below to listen to former Pittsburgh Steelers, S.F. 49ers, Minnesota Vikings and Tennessee Titans kicker, Gary Anderson's Testimonial about why he brought his son Austin to Scottsdale, Arizona to work with Coach Zauner.

I must say it was a real pleasure see Gary again and working with Austin. Austin is a fine young man and a real gentlemen. Besides being a very intelligent young man and good kicker, Austin is also a very good golfer. About a 4 or 5 handicap.

In the photo below (left to right) Austin Anderson, Coach Zauner (Winner), Gary Anderson and Craig Kasnoff (brains and website designer of Coach Zauner, LLC).

A quick note for all the kicking specialists that have come to Arizona and played a skins game or had a match play event against Coach Zauner. My record is still in tack. I have not lost yet! Austin and I tied the first day and the second day I won 6 & 5.

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