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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Josh Syria (University of Oregon)

On Wednesday and Thursday Josh Syria (U. of Oregon) came to Scottsdale, Arizona for some One on One Punting Lessons. Josh was the starting punter for Oregon this past season and came here to refine his technique and get my evaluation of his NFL potential.

I could see right away that Josh had a lot of raw potential. As I watched him punt I saw that he had the tendency to throw the ball rather than just drop it before making contact. We worked extensively on my 'Drop Progression' to help him refine his drop. Also, we changed his grip on the ball and that seemed to pay huge dividends.

Josh came out on the second day and really started to become more comfortable with the drills and hit quite a few Spiral Nose Over (SNO) punts. It is sometimes difficult to pick up new techniques but Josh was a quick study.

Josh is a talented punter and the next step is to master the 'Drop Progression' so that he can improve his drop. He has the leg to reach the next level and the next step is to become more consistent. Josh is planning on coming back later in the summer and I am excited to see his progress!

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