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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Apache Junction H.S. Clinic

On Monday I spent the afternoon working with the kicking specialists and coaches at Apache Junction High School . Coach Milligan and his staff hired me to put on a Special Teams clinic last year and liked the results enough to bring me back again this year. We started the clinic with some classroom work. As a former high school teacher, I realize high school athletes do not want to be back in a classroom after the school day is over but everyone was very attentive and I think they valued the presentation.

I showed them video of some of the all time greats in my archive like Ray Guy and Gary Anderson, while also showing them some of the current NFL players I have worked with like Brett Kern and Sebastian Janikowski.

I worked with the snappers and punters for most of the afternoon. The picture (above) shows me working with the snapper and holder to develop 'perfect laces'. A lot of high school coaches do not understand the importance of snap and hold on a kickers' success but developing those two positions can dramatically increase a kickers' success . As a kicking coach I worked with the kickers most of the afternoon. The photo above is explaining the 'perfect plant' . There were a couple of kickers that had some good potential and hit some really nice kicks during the session. I worked with the punters on their drop and in the picture (below) I am working with them on part of my 'Drop Progression'. By the end of the day I saw quite a few Spiral Nose Over Punts (SNO).

It was great working with the Kicking Specialists and coaches over at Apache Junction High School and I hope to make this an annual event!

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