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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Kolin Cheatham Kicking Lessons

On Wednesday and Thursday Kolin Cheatham a Kentucky native and his brother Keena were in Milwaukee, Wisconsin for his third individual Kicking Lesson this year. The two previous times I have worked a kicking lesson with Kolin in Phoenix, Arizona.
I must say for Kolin the third time was a charm. Kolin by the end of this two day kicking lesson he was kicking the ball much higher, further, straighter and with more consistency than I had seen him in previous lessons. He left Milwaukee a happy camper.

Keena & Kolin Cheatham

When we started the kicking lesson the first day Kolin was still crunching a little too much in my opinion. I like kickers that stay more erect and kick up and through the ball.

Also during the lesson I took several sequential camera shots that showed me and Kolin that his foot position on the ball was not consistent and the flight and rotation on the ball was not very good and needed to get better.

After the video and photo review we went back on the field and did several drills that would help Kolin with his foot position on the ball. In the photo above you will notice that the sweet spot of Kolin's foot was hitting the sweet spot of the football.

The rotation on the ball was much slower and the balls were traveling further and straighter.

Day two Kolin continued to hit a better ball and was kicking a little more upright and kicking and skipping through the ball much better. He was hitting the ball much better than I had ever seen. His kicks were traveling 53 to 58 yards with excellent rotation, trajectory and accuracy.

It was a pleasure seeing and working with Kolin and his brother Keena once again. I know both were very happy with the results of their trip to Milwaukee. It is always rewarding as a kicking coach when you see positive results.

Kolin is transferring from the University of Kentucky to the University of Louisville this fall. I wish him the best of luck and I know he will compete for a starting job if he kicks like he did for the past two days.

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