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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Brenton Walters Snapping Lesson

On Wednesday and Thursday of this week Brenton Walters a graduate from Newberry College in North Carolina was in Milwaukee, Wisconsin for a One on One Snapping Lesson. Brenton is a good looking 6'3 240 pound athlete that snaps the football.
Like always we started the snapping lesson and I watched Brenton go through his warm up of drills and long snapping technique. I asked Brenton a bunch of questions to see how much he really knows about his snapping technique. He was fairly knowledgeable but I wanted him to know more and understand when something goes wrong - I want him to know why and how to fix it.
After watching and working with Brenton for the last two days this young man has a lot of potential as a NFL, CFL or UFL snapper.

As the long snapping lesson progressed I took a lot of sequential camera photos of Brenton long and short snapping. We took a short break and went to the press box to review the photos to show him why he was snapping a little high and off to the punters right.

Brenton had some extra head movement, and got high on his toes which caused him to have a tendency to snap a little high on occasion. However, the biggest thing I showed him was his alignment was causing him to snap the ball to his right.

After the video review I showed Brenton my Elbow Thrust and Slide Drill and a couple of other drills that I thought would help him with his long snapping technique. We also worked on his stance and taking his legs out of his short snaps to help his consistency snapping Perfect Laces.
On Thursday I started the snapping lesson with my Elbow Thrust and Slide Drill and worked on Brenton's alignment. Being a Physical Education Major and teacher Brenton picked up my drills and coaching concepts and was a quick study. He improved quickly and started hitting his target with regularity.

We finished the long snapping lesson with field goal snaps. Once again Brenton after a couple of coaching points and repetitions was on the mark. He was hitting his target with excellent location and when I was holding Perfect Laces.

Now, Brenton needs to go back home and work on technique. He needs to get the fundamentals down and work on the proper muscle memory. If he can become more consistent I believe Brenton has a good chance to be a NFL, CFL or UFL snapper.

It was a pleasure meeting and working with Brenton and I wish him the best of luck securing a position with a professional football team. If he doesn't I know he will be a good coach. That's what happened to me and that can't be all bad.

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