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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Britt Baumann Kicking Lesson

On Monday morning following my three day PRO Development Camp at Macalester College I was working with Britt Baumann, University of Minnesota – Duluth a free agent kicker. Britt had just attended my PRO Development Camp and had won the kicking competition but wanted an individual Kicking Lesson to work on a couple of kicking fundamentals and his kickoff technique.

I have worked kicking lessons with Britt in Arizona for the last two years and this young man keeps getting better each time and with more practice. He also attended Coach Zauner's Free Agent Specialists Combine back on March 27, 2010 in Phoenix.

Britt had some problems with his heel going into and during the Free Agent Specialists Combine that effected his training and performance.

He was here on Monday to work with a football kicking coach on refining his field goal and kickoff technique and to get it right. He knows to have a chance with the NFL or UFL he needs to become a better kickoff man.

We started the kicking lesson working some kickoff hurdling technique. If Britt can master this hurdling technique and get a more consistent foot to ball contact I believe he will kick the ball with better consistency and power.

After working some dry runs on his kickoff approach and technique we worked on some field goal technique. Britt was a cruncher and now is kicking up and through the football with better technique. The balls are flying higher, further and straighter and Britt is happy with the results.

After a hour of kicking and kicking off Britt’s leg was a little tired. He had just gone through three days of my PRO Development Camp and a hour One on One Kicking Lesson.

Bottom line is that Britt got better. He is learning to kick the ball more efficiently and with better technique. This is also having an effect on his kickoff technique.

Britt was very happy with the results of the kicking lesson. He knows he is getting better and it is a matter of time. He just needs to get exposure and have a better showing at the Free Agent Specialists Combine come March 2011.

I wish Britt the best of luck in the future. Work hard and good things will happen. Britt is working hard and waiting for results.

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