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Saturday, December 13, 2008

One on One with James Meade

On Thursday and Friday James Meade from Morgan State was in Scottsdale, Arizona for a One on One Kicking Lesson.

James was excited to be here. This was the longest trip he has ever taken and he loved the sunshine and countryside.

In the first lesson James was a little nervous. He started kicking and was a little erratic. He mentioned that he was hitting the ground behind the ball a lot and couldn't figure out what he was doing wrong. I evaluated his form and started coaching immediately.

The 'eye in the sky' (photo below) is the Canon XL/XH Camera behind James video taping his technique.

Previously, before coming to Arizona James had not received much kicking instruction.

After the first lesson, the video review was a major factor in James transforming his technique from Day 1 to Day 2.

I analyzed the video and pointed out some of his flaws. As we watched the video the flaws in his technique became crystal clear. He saw in slow motion and stop action why his toe was hitting the ground and why he was pulling his kicks left or pushing them right.

I gave him a couple drills to work on Thursday night back at his hotel. He was a task master.

He told me when I picked him up Friday morning that he worked the drills most of the night and the next morning.

Well, he must have. Because he made a remarkable transformation in his technique overnight.

In the photo below we started to work the One Step Drill. I emphasized my coaching points.

James was kicking the ball much straighter and with better rotation. His kicking foot was no longer hitting the ground. James was now kicking up and through the ball and making much better contact.

I was amazed! James is a good athlete and a quick learner. He also has a passion for kicking and wants to succeed. He was really focused on coming to Arizona and leaving a better kicker. He was what I call a quick fix!

He left Arizona very happy much improved and a more consistent kicker.

I must say James was a pleasure to work with. I love when players come to town, work hard and go away better.

In the short video below, check out the transformation James made in his kicking technique from day 1 of his One on One Kicking Lessons to day 2. Also, listen to James testimonial on working with Coach Zauner.

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