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Sunday, December 7, 2008

Huw Collins Back for More

On Tuesday and Wednesday Huw Collins was back in town for another One on One Kicking Lesson. Huw is 22 years old and is a former professional Rugby player from England.

I thought I would just put a photo series below of a rugby drop kick: First of all the ball compared to a football or Australian Rules Football.

Rugby Ball on left & Aussie Rules Football on right

Ruby players must drop kick with accuracy on the run.

Just like an NFL punter, the drop is so important!

The kick or leg swing almost looks like an NFL kicker.

Huw and his brother Tom have been in town a couple of times. Tom had to go back to England last week because of a slight injury he sustained during his training sessions in Southern California.

The focus of my two days of kicking with Huw was 'Tempo'! Huw has been getting better each time I see him. He is a talented athlete that has played rugby a major part of his life.

Kicking a football is just a little different. Accuracy and consistency are the two most important qualities I look for an a good kicker. The key to achieving both is 'Tempo' or 'Rhythm'.

When Huw stays slow with the ball and kicks with good rhythm he is very accurate. When Huw's kicking is erratic it's because his approach is too fast into the ball. And he ends up out of control.

My motto: start on balance and end on balance. Just like a golf swing... 'Tempo'. Huw and Tom are planning on being back in January. I look forward to seeing their progress. Cheers!

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