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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Dack Ishii One on One

On Friday and Saturday Dack Ishii, backup quarterback and punter for the UNLV Rebels was in Scottsdale, Arizona for an evaluation and One on One Punting Lesson.

Dack is 6'2, 225 lb. good looking athlete. He's also a 4 handicap golfer. Golf, punting and kicking they all go together. Technique, Tempo and Rhythm.

In the two days of punting I gave a lot of golf analogies. Dack because of circumstances ended up being the punter at UNLV because he is a good athlete and had some background in high school punting the ball.

Dack punted and I observed. I asked a lot of questions and received answers. He has potential however, has not had any formal instruction or training in his career. He just goes out and punts.
In the photo below Dack is working on the One Step Drill. Dack's biggest problem is placing the ball outside his hip and trying to wipe a spiral. Tape the ball on your thigh and place the ball directly in front of your punting leg.

Below Dack placed the ball directly in front of his punting leg and started to hit a bunch of (SNO) spiral nose over punts to the power zone.

Like most of the punters and kickers that come through here many have never seen themselves up close on video tape. We reviewed Dack's tape and he could quickly see why he was a little inconsistent punting the ball. If Dack had received some instruction earlier in his career who knows how good this young man could be.

Dack plans on going back home and working on fundamentals. With his size, strength and athletic ability good fundamentals could take Dack to a higher level.

He now understands what he needs to improve on and knows the standards that NFL special teams coaches are looking for. Dack needs to be a more consistent punter. Hard work, dedication and technique will be the key to his improvement.

Dack was a pleasure to work with and a fine young man. I wish him the best of luck in his pursuit of an NFL career.

I just wish I would have had time to play golf with Dack. I havn't been beat yet this season but I would have loved to compete against a good golfer like Dack.

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