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Friday, August 15, 2008

Nick Maxwell One on One Lessons

On Thursday and Friday Cornell University Punter, Nick Maxwell visited Scottsdale, Arizona for some One on One Punting Lessons.

In the last month I've sent out messages to a lot of punters and kickers on FaceBook and Nick confirmed me as a friend and checked out my website. Last week he called and decided he wanted to get an extra pair of eyes to check out his technique. Nick and his father booked some flight's from Seattle and New York and here they are.

In about 30 hours we had to get in two punting lessons. So we started bright and early. In the first lesson Nick went through his routine in which I watched and analyzed his technique. I asked a ton of questions and he gave me answers to help me put the puzzle back together.

Nick has an explosive leg, but has a couple of minor flaws in his punting technique. In the photo below you can see his Nose Up Drop. He also had a couple of other flaws.

Nick has gone to other kicking instructors and has been taught a couple of things that I would have some issues with.

However, teaching punting and kicking is like any other business and people have different philosophies.

My philosophy is that of a common sense approach and I don't try to incorporate gimmick's or certain ways to kick or punt. I work to refine each individuals style of kicking. The most important point is to teach sound fundamentals and know individuals will sometimes have unique differences.

During the first lesson we video taped Nicks technique from various angles so we could analyze his technique and make the correct adjustments. The two or three minor flaws became crystal clear to Nick after reviewing the video tape in super slow motion.

The camera or the 'Eye in the Sky' never lies.

In the second lesson we introduced Nick to the Drop Progression and One Step Drill. I believe these two drills will give Nick the proper muscle memory to correct some of the flaws he has in his footwork and drop.

Above Coach Zauner demonstrates the Drop Progression Drill

Above, Coach Zauner is making sure Nick puts the ball directly in front of his punting leg with a flat drop.

Above photo shows Nick dropping the ball directly in front of his punting leg with the ball in the proper position to hit a (SNO) spiral nose over punt.

By the end of the two One on One Punting Lessons Nick was getting more consistent with his drop and turning over a lot more punts to his power zone.

In the above photo you can see Nick's explosion and the flexibility up and through the ball. Nick and his father really liked the idea that Nick was getting a DVD of both lessons and pretty much an individualized training tape for his style of punting.

Nick and his father both left very happy with the results of the two sessions and said they will be back.

Testimonial of Bob Maxwell, Nick's father, on their
One on One experience with Coach Zauner:

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