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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

E. Johnson One on One Workout

On Sunday Eddie Johnson who had previously been in town in July for some One on One Punting and Kickoff Lessons was now back in Scottsdale to shoot his workout video.

In late July Eddie came to town to refine his punting and kickoff skills. Two days after Eddie left Scottsdale he was signed by the Detroit Lions. Paul Ernster had been released and signed by the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Lions needed a combination Punter / Kickoff man for training camp.

Eddie had just gotten home from Scottsdale and was on his way to Detroit. Eddie worked out and was signed.

Eddie played in the first preseason game vs the World Champion NY Giants. Eddie who punts, holds and kicks off ironically was forced to also kick field goals. Jason Hanson got hurt and Eddie was forced into action.

Eddie kicked two field goals. His 41 yard field goal at the end of the game was a game winner.

Due to the 80 man roster rule and Jason's injury and the signing of Dave Rayner, Eddie had to be released. This 80 man rule is really hurting the kicking specialists.

On Sunday at Chaparral High School we video taped Eddie's workout for the NFL Pro Personnel section on my website.

In Eddie's workout video we highlighted his punting, kickoff, holding and field goal skills.

Eddie Johnson was an All-American Punter out of Idaho State and drafted by the Minnesota Viking in the 6th Round in 2003. He has been signed by several NFL teams in recent years.

I believe Eddie has the talent to be a punter in the NFL. Eddie Johnson just needs to be in the right place at the right time.

How true this statement reflects most things in life!

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