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Monday, August 4, 2008

Garrett Palmer One on One Lessons

Shane Phillips (Australian Punter) and Garrett Palmer

On Saturday and Sunday Garrett Palmer was back in Scottsdale for the third time for some One on One Kicking Lessons. Garrett was the kicker at San Diego State for the last couple years.

Garrett is a strong legged kicker who was unnoticed coming out of San Diego State but has NFL talent. I believe Garrett has NFL potential but needs more consistency.

On Saturday Garrett kicked and showed me once again that he has a strong leg. However, he has a tendency to approach the ball to fast!

Garrett like many other kickers are told by their coaches to get the kick off with faster get off times and the tendency is for the kicker to approach the ball faster.

How do you fix the problem. It's an oxymoron! Go slower to get faster get off times. The key is to start sooner.

In the above photo we worked the One Step Drill. We were working on Garrett kicking up and through the ball.

After the first session we review the tape and came up with a game plan for Garrett to slow down his approach. I designed a couple of drills and he worked a progression that help slow down his approach. In the second One on One Lesson he slowed down dramatically and kicked extremely well. No stray bullets!

I believe Garrett's visit was well worth while! He got better as a kicker and I threw in one free golf lesson.

On Saturday afternoon Garrett wanted to go One on One at golf with the coach. As many kickers, punters and snappers know the coach is undefeated in Match Play or Skins. As you can see from the above photo Garrett was just another causality. The score was Coach Zauner 13 Skins and Garrett 5.

Any kicking specialist coming to Arizona has the ability to test their skill vs Coach Zauner. My record for the season is a bunch of wins and zero loses.

Ed Palmer, Garrett's father gives his testimonial:

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