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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

C. MacDonald One on One Lessons

On Tuesday and Wednesday Chris MacDonald was back in Arizona receiving One on One Punting Lessons.

Chris graduated from Red Mountain High School in Mesa, Arizona and in 2004 earned Freshman All-American honors at Arizona State University. After two years Chris transferred to Texas State where he just completed his College career.

After working two days of One on One Lessons with Chris, I must say this young man has a strong leg and is a excellent athlete. Chris showed me a lot of potential but needs to improve his consistency.

Chris was here to get better and I believe in a couple of weeks he will resolve a couple of flaws I noticed in his technique. Like most players that come to me for an evaluation, advice or instruction, Chris was punting like someone had taught him. Some punting instructor or coaches have given Chris some bad advice. They have given Chris some incorrect information and drills to work on which has caused Chris to have some bad muscle memory.

We used the first One on One Punting Lesson to video tape Chris's drills and technique so we could make the proper corrections.

Chris's biggest problem, putting the ball on the table with the Nose Up!

The Nose Up Drop caused Chris a lot of inconsistency!

Chris was taught to place the ball straight and slightly outside his hip. In the photo above, Chris is now working to place the ball directly out in front of the punting leg with the nose slanted slightly inward.

I taught Chris my Drop Progression Drill and he needs to work this drill a lot both on the field and at home.

When Chris dropped the ball flat or with the nose slightly down he crushed a bunch of 4.8 to 5.0 second hang time punts.

His explosion up and through the ball was excellent, however, he has a tendency to fall backwards after each punt. We worked the punt and transfer drill to help him get down field.

During the video review sessions Chris was an excellent student. The flaws in his technique that I mentioned on the field became crystal clear to him after watching the slow motion video.

Chris confirmed he had a suspension on some of the things he was taught and practicing were incorrect but he didn't know how to correct them.

Chris now has the correct information, fundamentals and his own individualized training video to take home and refine his skills. If he can correct the couple things I mentioned he will take his game to the next level and will be on my website; www.coachzauner.com as an NFL prospect.

The key is the right technique and fundamentals then practice, practice and more practice to get the correct muscle memory.

Chris MacDonald's testimonial working with Coach Zauner

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