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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Mitch Berger & Dave Rayner Signed

On Friday Dave Rayner signed with the Detroit Lions and tonight Mitch Berger is catching an 11:00 o'clock flight to Pittsburgh to sign a contract with the Pittsburgh Steelers.

When I was the Special Teams Coordinator for the Minnesota Vikings, Mitch Berger was my punter from 1996 to 2001.

Mitch Berger has been training with me here in Scottsdale for the last couple months. We've been working on fundamentals, drills and all parts of his punting game.

Congratulations to Mitch Berger and Good Luck!

On Thursday Detroit Lions kicker, Jason Hanson was hurt in their preseason game vs the World Champion N.Y. Giants.

On Friday, Dave Rayner was signed by the Detroit Lions.

In June after Dave was released by the Miami Dolphins he came to Scottsdale for some One on One Kicking Lessons and an evaluation of his kicking technique. He left Scottsdale feeling good with the session.

Congratulations to Dave Rayner and Good Luck!

I feel like the One on One Lessons are having an impact refining each individual kicker and punters technique. However, my website's Pro Personnel section, the e-mails I have sent to all the NFL teams and their agents are getting these players exposure and contracts.

Also, Eddie Johnson who was here two weeks ago for One on One Punting and Kickoff Lessons left and was signed by the Detroit Lions a couple of days later. Eddie was signed as a punter and kickoff man, however, when Jason Hanson got hurt the other night he had to also kick field goals.

Unfortunately, upon the signing of Dave Rayner the Detroit Lions released Eddie Johnson, a casualty of the 80-man roster rule.

Congratulations to Eddie Johnson and Good Luck!
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