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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Arizona High School Kicking Camps

Coach Zauner's Arizona High School Kicking Camps
Camps in Arizona in December and March / June in Wisconsin

Coach Zauner will be hosting High School, Snapping, Punting & Kicking Camps during Christmas Vacation here in Fountain Hills, AZ.  Coach Zauner former NFL Special Teams Coordinator with the Minnesota Vikings, Baltimore Ravens and Arizona Cardinals lives here in Fountain Hills, AZ.

Since retiring from the NFL Coach Zauner has been giving ONE on ONE Lessons, running PRO Development Camps and hosting the College Senior and Free Agents Combines here in Arizona.  Most of these events were primarily for College and Free Agent Specialists.

Now, Coach Zauner is working and hosting Sunday Kick-A-Rounds, Two Day Camps for High School Snapping, Punting and Kicking Specialists.

During my Coaching Career I have now coached, consulted and trained over 115+ NFL and CFL Kicking Specialists and 25 PRO Bowlers. 

Some of the Top College Specialists in the country are also using Coach Zauner's ONE on ONE Lessons and Camps to refine their technique to take their games to the next level.



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