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Thursday, October 27, 2016

Nolan Frese Seattle Seahawks Snappper

Nolan Frese Seattle Seahawks Snapper

Congrats to former University of Houston Snapper, Nolan Frese for first signing a Free Agent contract after the NFL 2016 Draft.  During the last two years Nolan Frese has invested time, hard work and money to be the best he can be.   Nolan went into the Seahawks training camp and competed and has now won the starting Snapping roster sport for the Seattle Seahawks.

I would like to thank Nolan for investing into Coach Zauner's Snapping Programs and happy to see the ONE on ONE Snapping Lessons, Snappers ONLY Training Camps and College Senior Combine produced results for him.  Coach Zauner's Programs are 'A Specialist's Path To PRO Football'.
Nolan Frese ONE on ONE Lesson in Milwaukee Wisconsin in July 2015
Nolan first came to Milwaukee, Wisconsin in July of 2014 & 2015 for ONE on ONE Snapping Lessons to work to refine his snapping and blocking technique.  He also attended some PRO Development camps in Wisconsin and Arizona.
Nolan Frese at January 2016 Snapper's ONLY Training Camp
This past January he attended my Snappers ONLY Training camp with 35 other snappers to prepare for the Coach Zauner's 2016 College Senior Combine.
Snapper's ONLY Training Camp in Fountain Hills, Arizona in January
Next, Nolan came to Coach Zauner's 2016 College Senior Combine February 26-28, 2016 in Gilbert Arizona to compete with 76 other College Senior Specialists including 27 snappers.
27 Snappers Attend 2016 College Senior Combine in Gilbert, Arizona
During the College Senior Combine each snapper is tested for his ability to Field Goal Snap 'Perfect Laces' and Snap 'Ball & Strikes' for Punt Snaps.
Nolan Frese Punt Snap Testing at 2016 College Senior Combine
At the end of each combine each Snapper tests on the 225 Bench and participates in Coach Zauner's designed Coverage Agility Drill.
Nolan Frese Participating in Coach Zauner's Coverage Agility Drill
During the last eight years Coach Zauner's Snapping Programs have now produced 19 Snappers on NFL & CFL Rosters and many more have attended mini Camps or signed contracts.
Six Snappers Sign NFL Contracts After 2016 NFL Draft
Again, congratulations to Nolan for his hard work and dedication to becoming the best he can be and fulfill his dream to become an NFL Snapper. Click below to here Nolan Frese's Testimonial about Coach Zauner's Snapping Programs.

Snappers Training Camps in Arizona (January & May) and Wisconsin (July)

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