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Saturday, October 29, 2016

Australian Punters Check out Coach Zauner's Programs

Australian Punters in the NFL?

Several years ago Coach Zauner went to Melbourne Australia to check out a group of Australian Punters to qualify for his Free Agent Combine. Why?

In the early 1990's when I was just working as a Kicking Consultant and living in San Diego I was called one day by then General Manager, Bobby Beathard, to come over to Jack Murphy Stadium and check out some young Australian Aussie Rules Punter.  Flashback!  It was Darren Bennett. 

After the workout Bobby asked my opinion and there was no question that this young man had NFL potential but in my opinion needed some technique work. Bobby asked me to work with him to get him NFL ready. I said Yes, However.....
Aussie Rules Punter Signs with San Diego Chargers
That same week I received my dream call from Dennis Green, who was then the Head Coach of the Minnesota Vikings.  

As history shows a week later I became the Special Teams Coordinator for the Minnesota Viking and Darren Bennett signs in 1994 with the San Diego Chargers.  In 1995 Darren is sent to NFL Europe and plays with the Amsterdam Admirals and becomes NFL ready.  In his first NFL season in 1995 Darren becomes a PRO Bowl Punter. 

Since meeting Darren way back in the early 1990's we have both gone on to have long NFL careers. While coaching in the NFL from 1993 to 2007 I noticed the influx of Australian Rules Punters and the success they had in the NFL. Several examples are Ben Graham (Geelong Australia), Sav Rocca  and Matt McBriar both of (Melbourne, Australia).

Most recently, younger Australian Rules punters are having success and an impact on the United States College Football scene.  College football coaches are now using the Aussie Rules or Rugby running punt technique.  It has become a weapon for field position in College Football.

The only problem I see is that some of the very successful Australian Punters in College Football using the running punt scheme are not transitioning to the Professional Football League because of their lack of NFL Punting Technique.   Translation: Good Hands, Quick Get-Offs, Directional Punting with Hang Times.  

Coach Zauner teaches 'A Natural Style of Kicking and Punting' and that is why many Australian's are checking out Coach Zauner's One on One Lessons and Camps to improve their technique. If they want exposure to NFL Teams they are checking out Coach Zauner's Combines.    
Coach Zauner with Australian Rules Punting Group in Melbourne Australian
Today, Australians Rules Punters and Professional Rugby players are coming to Fountain Hills, Arizona to refine their NFL Punting Technique and Rugby Kicking Technique.

Also, Professional Australian Rules Punters and Australian College Punters are coming to Coach Zauner's College Senior and Free Agent Combines to get Exposure to NFL Teams.
Coach Zauner's Free Agent Combine in March in Gilbert, Arizona

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