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Friday, April 26, 2013

2013 College Senior Combines Best Punters

2013 College Senior Combine Punters Group

At Coach Zauner's 2013 College Senior Combine 73 Specialists attended.  Twenty-Nine (29) Kickers, Twenty-Seven (27) Punters and Seventeen (17) Snappers.  

The purpose of this combine is to get the senior class punters that deserve EXPOSURE.

I felt this top group of punters was the best group I have had in the past four years of my combine.  I even told my assistants that these five punters might be even better than the group of punters I saw two weeks previously at the NFL Combine.  We will all know when the NFL season starts in September.

After three days of evaluating the twenty-seven (27) punters I felt five had NFL potential.  In alphabetical order:  Ryan Doerr (Kansas State), Joseph Gardner (U. of Wisconsin - Whitewater), Scott Lopano (U. of Penn), Sam Martin (Appalachian State) and Tress Way (U. of Oklahoma).

Ryan Doerr (Kansas State University)
Joseph Gardner (U. of Wisconsin - Whitewater)

Scott Lopano (U. of Penn)
Sam Martin (Appalachian State University)
Tress Way (U. of Oklahoma)
In addition to the five punters that I recommended to the NFL, several other punters with a little work and improved consistency will maybe be future prospects:  Will Atterberry (U. of North Texas), Dalton Botts (U. of Miami), Alex King (U. of Texas), Jonathan Plisco (Old Dominion) and Daniel Zychlinski (Stanford).
Sam Martin Punter / Kickoff Specialists (Appalachian State)
Appalachian State University Punter / Kickoff Specialists, Sam Martin really caught my eye and everyone at the combine with his explosive punts, field goals and kickoffs.

I want to wish all the punters the best of luck in the upcoming 2013 NFL Draft and in the future.

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