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Friday, April 26, 2013

2013 College Senior Combine Best Snappers

2013 College Senior Combine Snappers Group

At Coach Zauner's 2013 College Senior Combine 73 Specialists attended.  Twenty-Nine (29) Kickers, Twenty-Seven (27) Punters and Seventeen (17) Snappers.  

The purpose of this combine is to get the senior class specialists that deserve EXPOSURE.  I

n 2010 Morgan Cox (U. of Tennessee) and Justin Drescher (U. of Colorado) signed free agent contracts and are now playing in the NFL for the Baltimore Ravens and N.O. Saints.

In 2011 Christian Yount (UCLA) was signed after the draft and is now snapping for the Cleveland Browns. Then in 2012 Beau Brinkley (U. of Missouri) signed with the Tennessee Titans and is their starting Snapper.

The 2013 Draft is right around the corner and which snapper or snappers from my 2013 College Senior Combine will be signing contracts, going to camp and competing for starting positions.

The six snappers I thought had the best NFL potential were the following: In alphabetical order: Jackson Anderson (Duke), Brandon Hartson (U. of Houston), Jorgen Hus (U. of Regina), Evan Jacobsen (U. of New Mexico), Billy Johnson (Tulane) and Kevin McDermott (UCLA). 
Jackson Anderson (Duke)
Brandon Hartson (U. of Houston)
Jorgen Hus (U. of Regina - Canada)
Evan Jacobsen (U. of New Mexico)
Billy Johnson (U. of Tulane)
Kevin McDermott (UCLA)
There were also three other snappers that I felt needed to either get bigger, become more consistent or needed to improve some part of their game in the future and would also be NFL prospects and they were: Sean Flaherty (Boston College), Martin Resner (Augustana) and Michael Zupancic (Eastern Michigan).

Good luck to all these snappers in the 2013 NFL draft and in the future.  

Coach Consults with Assistant Steve Hoppe & NFL Snapper Nick Sundberg (Redskins)

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