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Saturday, April 27, 2013

2013 College Senior Combine Best Kickers

2013 College Senior Combine Kickers Group

At Coach Zauner's 2013 College Senior Combine 73 Specialists attended.  Twenty-Nine (29) Kickers, Twenty-Seven (27) Punters and Seventeen (17) Snappers.

Sundays Kickers Group
The purpose of this combine is to get the senior class Kickers that deserve EXPOSURE.

I felt this was an excellent group of kickers. After three days of evaluating the twenty-nine (29) Kickers I felt five had NFL potential: In alphabetical order:  Jose Lopez (Middle Tennessee State), Bryson Rose (Ole Miss), Jeremy Shelley (U. of Alabama), Matt Weller (Ohio University) and Jake Wieclaw (U. of Miami). 
Jose Lopez (Middle Tennessee State)
Bryson Rose (Ole Miss)
Jeremy Shelley (U. of Alabama)
Matt Weller (U. of Ohio)
Jake Wieclaw (U. of Miami)

University of Alabama Kicker, Jeremy Shelley who was labeled the short kicker won the kicking contest with a long field goal of 61yards.  Jeremy made 11 straight field goals and finally missed at 64 yards.  He might be the best kept secret in the kicking world.  Congrats to Jeremy.
U. of Alabama Kicker, Jeremy Shelley Wins Field Goal Contest

In addition to the five Kickers that I recommended to the NFL, several other kickers with a little work and improved consistency will maybe be future prospects:  Drew Alleman (LSU), Michael Josifovski (Marian University), Morgan Lineberry (Abilene Christian) and Chance Marden (SDSU).

I would like to wish all the kickers good luck in this years 2013 NFL Draft and in the future.

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