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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Scaccia Kicks into PRO Football

Scaccia followed own path to pro football

Article By David Carpenter
The Sacramento Bee - September 14, 2010

Fabrizio Scaccia did not take the most conventional route to professional football.

The Sacramento Mountain Lions kicker had a scholarship to South Carolina – but never went.

"Right before I graduated (from high school), my mother got into a car accident," Scaccia said. "She ruined her neck pretty bad. My brother was away to school. My dad was in New York. So I had to stay home with her. I couldn't go, so I decided to join the semi-pros so I could keep kicking and stay in shape."

Tonight, Scaccia and the Mountain Lions face a must-win situation against the Omaha Nighthawks. Kickoff at Hornet Stadium is 8 p.m.

... Scaccia worked with kicking guru Gary Zauner, whom he credited for his success in the AFL.

"When I first went to see him, I knew nothing about kicking," Scaccia said. "I owe everything I know to him. He taught me how to stay mentally focused, block everything out. When I kick, I'm in such a zone. I don't hear anything."

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