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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Bryson Rose Gives Ole Miss' Consistency

Ole Miss finds consistency in kicker's scoring threat

Article By: Ron Higgins
November 10, 2010

OXFORD, Miss. — No football coach wants to settle for a field goal. But when they do, they want it to be automatic.

For all of Ole Miss' inconsistencies in a 4-5 season, the one nearly sure thing is sophomore redshirt placekicker Bryson Rose, who has made 50-of-52 kicks -- 14-of-16 field goals, 36-of-36 extra points...

It's tough being a kicker in high school and college because most of the time they don't have a well-versed kicking coach who knows how to help them. Most kickers, if they want to succeed, especially in college, have to find an outside source as a kicking coach.

In the offseason, Rose discovered Gary Zauner, an Arizona-based NFL and college kicking guru, who charges $600 per lesson or $300 for a consultation and evaluation.

Rose said Zauner helped his mental game while not ignoring the fine details of a kick.

"I was taught to clear my mind, have no thoughts, just go out there and kick," Rose said. "If you're thinking about what you're doing, about your mechanics, then you're thinking too much. Something is going to go wrong.

"Gary also taught me to take my time lining up, because the main thing is accuracy. If you're off just a hair, it's going to throw you off."

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