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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Tom Malone USC Punting Lesson

Last week former Tom Malone former USC and free agent punter with the Seattle Seahawks and New England Patriots was here in Scottsdale, Arizona for two One on One Punting Lessons.

Last year Tom was visiting a friend in Arizona right before the UFL season started in September and asked if I would give him a quick workout. At that time I was the Special Teams Coordinator for the California Redwoods and we already had former NFL punter, Derrick Frost under contract.

I told Tom I would be happy to take a look and give him my quick evaluation. I could tell that this young man had a big leg but was also very inconsistent with his drop and footwork.

In May after Tom was released by the Seattle Seahawks he attended my Arizona PRO Development Camp in Casa Grande, Arizona. During the three day camp I pointed out some flaws that I saw in Tom's technique and I mentioned that a One on One punting lesson could really help him.

In two punting lessons Tom bought into my Power Zone Punting Technique. We worked on his drop and footwork. I introduced him to my Drop Progression and One Step Drills at my camp but now we were trying to perfect everything.

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Tom has amazing potential if he just learns to control his energy and power. Punting and kicking are just like hitting a golf ball. The key to his success will these words: timing, tempo and rhythm. If he can achieve these three things he will improve his consistency and impress coaches on any professional team.

At the end of the second day Tom was swinging up and through the ball and ending up on balance. I told him to punt for the next three weeks at about 60 to 75%. Work more on technique and less on how high and far the ball travels.

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It was a pleasure working with Tom in a One on One environment. I hope the work we did on his drop, footwork and timing pays dividends in the future. I wish him the best of luck in his pursuit of an NFL or UFL punting job.

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