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Friday, June 4, 2010

Steve Moore Michigan State Snapping Lessons

On Wednesday, Thursday and Friday Steve Moore Michigan State snapper and his father, Randy were in Scottsdale, Arizona for One on One Snapping Lessons. Steve is a former high school quarterback who is working hard to be the starting long snapper at Michigan State University. Steve is 6'3 and 220 pounds and a good looking athlete.
At the present time he is the backup snapper at Michigan State. Steve knows his role and wants to eventually be the starting snapper. At the present time he is committed to working hard to be ready when his opportunity presents itself.
Steve's father Randy Moore is a high school coach back in Michigan and knows the value in a long snapper. The snapper not only has value to the punter and kicker but also the team.
To me the long snapper is the most important or 'Vital' man on the special teams unit.
All good punts and field goals start with a good snap. As I tell all my specialists. I was a much better punter and kicker in high school, college and as a free agent when I had a good long snapper. When I was a short stop fielding bad snaps I was just an average specialists.

Steve happened to get lucky picking his dates for One on One Lessons. Why? Jon Ryan (above photo) who is the punter for the Seattle Seahawks happened to pick the same days. Steve was available after his lesson for some extra work so Jon could work several drills with a snapper. Steve did a great job!

Steve being a good athlete has potential to be an excellent snapper. However, the key to every one's success is consistency.

After the first lesson during the video review I pointed out a couple of flaws in Steve's snapping technique. He and his father agreed. The second day I introduced Steve to my elbow thrust and slide, balls and strikes and perfect laces drills.

Steve was a quick study and picked up the drills and improved rapidly. Because I adjusted Steve's stance and delivery he had a couple of sore muscles after day two. As I tell everyone. It takes two to three weeks to get comfortable with some of the technique changes.

If Steve and other specialists realizes that the changes are necessary to improve, and if he works hard and shows patience the time spent will be worth it to him in the future.

Click below to listen to Coach Randy Moore's Testimonial after his son's Steve's One on One Snapping Lesson with Coach Zauner.

It was a pleasure meeting and working with Steve and I wish him the best of luck in the future becoming the starting snapper at Michigan State University.

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