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Friday, June 4, 2010

Jon Ryan Seattle Seahawks Punter

Just a quick note about the new Jon Ryan look in the photo below. When Jon came to the field on Wednesday I didn't recognize who he was. When I asked him about the new look he was sporting he said it was for a benefit for a cancer patient, 'Locks of Love'.

My sister past away a couple of years ago from cancer. So, in my eyes Jon Ryan is more than a professional football player he is a Pro Bowl person. Way to Go Jon Ryan!

On Wednesday and Thursday Seattle Seahawks punter, Jon Ryan was in Scottsdale, Arizona for another One on One Punting Lesson. Jon had a week off from OTA's or Mini Camp and decided to get in some technique work.

Two years ago was the first time I met and worked with Jon after he was cut by the Green Bay Packers. After two days of instruction Jon headed up to Seattle and had a very impressive workout and was signed immediately.

For the last two years Jon and I have worked together and each year he keeps getting better. He is a true professional with his work ethic.

His hard work has paid dividends for him and his performance the last two seasons has got him a new six year contract with the Seahawks. As I always say "Work Hard and Good Things Will Happen!"

Jon decided that after a couple of weeks of Mini Camp he could still do better. He mentioned that he was not hitting the ball cleanly the last couple of weeks and wanted a quick touch up.

During the years I have been working with Jon and also during Wednesdays lesson Jon struggled with his drop. Jon has occasionally had a problem with a nose up drop and on Wednesday we were trying to figure out why his drop was moving so much.

After the first lesson the video review revealed a new little problem that I had never seen before. So, once again Jon and I hit the practice field and worked the Drop Progression and One Step Drills to work on a nose down drop.

Once Jon got his drop and his eyes right he was clicking on all cylinders. In the above photo Jon nails a beautiful (SNO) Spiral Nose Over Power Zone Punt about 55 yards with a 5.61 hang time.

Jon was 2nd in the NFC PRO Bowl voting this past season and wants to be first. He is a big, strong and explosive punter. Once he gets his footwork and drop right there aren't too many punters in the NFL that can hit those types of hang time punts except Mike Scifries with the San Diego Chargers.

During Jon's visit Steve Moore (Michigan State) long snapper was also in town for One on One Snapping Lesson. Steve got some extra work in and did an excellent snapping job in the drills and during our open field and directional punting sessions.

The second day we also worked very hard on directional punting technique and I must say that Thursday might of been the best day I have seen Jon directional punt to his left. He was drilling punt after punt out to the numbers with 5.o to 5.4 second hang time punts.

It was once again a pleasure working with Jon and I wish him the best of luck this next season. He mentioned he would also like to get in one more lesson before he goes back to training camp. Jon has improved each year and I don't think he will be satisfied until he makes his first trip to the PRO Bowl. "Go get'em Jon! I'm with you all the way"

The photo below is the real Jon Ryan look!

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