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Friday, August 7, 2009

Robert Morris Specialist's

Sunday through Wednesday I was in Pittsburgh, PA working with two of the kicking specialists at Robert Morris University. Punter Nick Schirtzinger and Kicker Garrett Clawson.

During the first two sessions on Sunday and Monday I worked with Nick and Garrett refining their punting and kicking technique.

I have worked One on One Lessons with Nick in Scottsdale, Arizona. With Nick we worked drills to not only refine his punting skills but to emphasize get off times. One thing is punting consistently in practice and the other is punting consistently with good get off times in game situations.

In the first couple sessions Nick struggled with his power zone punting technique. However, on the third day, which was windiest Nick had a great day. Into the teeth of the wind Nick was hitting punt after punt SNO spiral nose over. Nick was feeling good just days before starting fall camp.

I also had a chance to work with Garrett Clawson, the kicker at Robert Morris University. Since I had never worked with Garrett before I watched and evaluated his technique. After watching him warm up and go through his kicking routine I made a couple of suggestions.

Garrett is a cruncher. I mentioned to Garrett one of the main reasons he was missing some of his kicks to the right was the result of his severe crunching motion.

After reviewing some video we went back on the field the next day. I introduced Garrett to a progression of drills to help him get ride of his crunching problem. I told him he would not get ride of his crunching problem over night. I said he needed to work mirror drills and drills off the field to get the proper muscle memory.

In just a couple of sessions Garrett could feel the difference in his kicking technique. What I showed him with his field goal technique we applied to his kickoff technique.

Garrett said he learned a lot and was very happy with the results of his 3 day kicking and kickoff instruction. I believe both boys will have their game ready for the start of the season.

At the end of the third session Nick and Garrett's snapper showed up and the boys worked on their technique with a snap and kick. The boys had an excellent day.

It was a pleasure working with Garrett and Nick and I wish them both the best of luck this upcoming season at Robert Morris University.

Wednesday night my wife Michelle is arriving and we are heading to Canton, Ohio for the PRO Football Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony.

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