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Monday, August 10, 2009

Hall of Fame Induction

Saturday night Michelle and I attended the PRO Football Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony at Fawcett Stadium where the Hall of Fame Game between the Buffalo Bills and Tennessee Titans took place on Sunday evening.

Saturday morning and afternoon it rained all day. However, the football Gods stepped in and threw a red flag and penalized the weather 15 yards for foul weather. Then an hour before the event started the sun came out and the weather was beautiful all evening long.

There are so many stories that go with an event of this magnitude and being a former special teams coach and current kicking consultant I am not qualified to write long stories. However, I am a pretty good photographer and took some great pictures.
Enjoy my photo gallery from the Hall of Fame induction ceremony.

Michelle and I had pretty good seats on the field. The stage was filled with many of the past PRO Football Hall of Fame Players.

Rich Eisen from the NFL Network was the Master of Ceremony and did an excellent job announcing and directing everyone through the entire evening. Rich started the evening by introducing all the PRO Football Hall of Fame Enshrinees and their presenters.

Two of the Hall of Fame players that were inducted have since past on. The families of "Bullet" Bob Hayes (Dallas Cowboys) and Derrick Thomas (K.C. Chiefs) had the sons accept their inductions on their behalf.

The very popular ESPN announcer Chris Berman presented Ralph Wilson Jr.. Chris did an outstanding job presenting Mr. Wilson, 90 year young owner of the Buffalo Bills. Chris started the ceremony and everyone after also did an outstanding job.
There were a lot of great speeches by all the presenters and inductees. I must say all the Hall of Fame Inductees were 'Hall of Fame' people.

Enjoy my photos of the PRO Football Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony.

Mr. Ralph Wilson, Jr. - Buffalo Bills Owner

Randall McDaniel - Vikings Offensive Linemen

Roger Staubach presented "Bullet" Bob Hayes

Carl Peterson presented Derrick Thomas (Chiefs)

Rod Woodson - Steelers Pro Bowl Corner & Safety

Bruce Smith - Buffalo Bills Pro Bowl Defensive Linemen

Randall McDaniel speaks at his private Induction party

Randall McDaniel with Vikings & Tampa O-Line Buddies

Randall McDaniel, Vikings Snapper Mike Morris & Coach Zauner

Randall McDaniel & Coach Zauner

At the end of the evening I finally got my photo with Randall McDaniel. Everyone had a great time and I know everyone was very tired. We said our 'thanks' to Randall McDaniel's wife, Marianne and I know she was exhausted and wanted to sleep for a week.

The private party went until 1:30AM. Michelle and I caught a bus back to the hotel for an Sunday departure from Pittsburgh to Arizona.

I believe this is a first class event. The committee and all the volunteers associated with the PRO Football Hall of Fame should be complimented on the performances for creating such a successful Enshrinement Festival. It was very organized and first class all the way.

I would highly recommend to any football fan who has a chance to attend this festival or just go to the Hall of Fame and see the history of football.

It was an honor to be invited to this event by Randall and Marianne McDaniel and I wish them the best of luck in their future endeavors.

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