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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Berger & Sundberg Training in AZ

After a four day golf vacation at my cottage in the White Mountains of Show Low Arizona I was back working Monday and Tuesday in Scottsdale giving One on One Punting Lessons with Mitch Berger and One on One Snapping Lessons with Nick Sundberg.

Mitch is training and getting ready for any upcoming tryout with a team that might need a veteran punter. Nick also is staying in shape after recently being released by the Carolina Panthers after three months competing against two other long snappers.

As for me I love coaching and assisting players to take their games to the next level. Mitch has been punting extremely well and improving every day. Mitch needed to start working with a snapper and Nick wanted to get some work in.

It was a perfect match for all of us. I was coaching two excellent kicking specialists that are trying to refine their technique and more importantly want to be coached.

After working on some individual drills we moved to punting situations. Mitch worked on some Open Field, Directional, Pooch and End Zone Punting situations.

Nick first worked on some warm up drills then progressed to some 10, 12 and 15 yards snaps. We emphasized snapping balls and hitting Mitch exactly on his hip. I must say that Nick was a machine.

Both players are working at a very high level. I can't believe that Mitch and Nick are not in an NFL camp. I know most teams like to give young kickers and punters a chance to prove themselves so they can save money for the salary cap. However, I don't think there are 32 snappers better than Nick Sundberg.

Some times all players can do is practice, stay in shape and hope to get another chance. Nobody wants a player to get hurt however, it is a part of the game.

Just the other day I was watching Sports Center and saw the Bengals kicker Shayne Graham got hurt in the game and Chad Ochocinco had to kick an extra point and kickoff. On Saturday their special teams coach called me asking for a couple of names of young kickers that they could bring in to workout.

They brought in a couple of young kickers and signed a rookie kicker out of Wake Forest. Every team has a short list of veteran and rookie specialists. This time Sam Swank was in the right place at the right time.

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