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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Kicking Displays in Hall of Fame

This blog will be dedicated to kickers and kicking displays that are in the Canton's PRO Football Hall of Fame.

So, I guess the best way to start this blog is with a photo of Jan Stenerud the only kicker to date to be enshrined into the PRO Football Hall of Fame.

At the Enshrinees Dinner Friday night I saw Jan and we talked about the good old days.

Back in the late 1970's Jan Stenerud and a young Coach Zauner worked the River Falls Kicking Camp together. The River Falls Kicking Camp was the first kicking camp in the country for kicking specialists to attend. The camp would have 250 to 300 kickers and punters at each camp.

Jan Stenerud and Coach Zauner

Besides trying to enjoy the entire Hall of Fame experience, my main goal as Michelle and I toured the Hall of Fame was to take photos of all the kicking displays. For those that read my blogs I have posted many photos of interest to the kicking game and specialists.

Once again I will not be able to write a lot on each photo. Enjoy my PRO Hall of Fame Kicking Photo Gallery.

Shoe Display of Lou 'The Toe' Groza

Ben Agajanian Display 'Booten Ben'

In the photo below Tom Dempsey kicked a 63 yard field goal and set an NFL Record with a modified squared toed shoe. Tom was born with a club foot and had a special shoe made for kicking.

Tom Dempsey (Straight-On Kicker) Display

Pete Gogolak - First Soccer Style Kicker in the NFL

Mark Mosley - Last Straight-On Kicker Display

Jan Stenerud's Kicking Shoe

Jerrell Wilson Punting Display

Garo Yepremian (Miami Dolphins) Display

In 1998, I was the Special Teams Coordinator for the Minnesota Vikings. Gary Anderson was our kicker. In 1998, Gary Anderson set NFL Records with 40 consecutive field goals, most points scored and having a 'Perfect' Season. Mike Morris was the snapper and Mitch Berger was the holder.

Gary Anderson Kicking Display

Jason Elam (Denver Broncos) Display (63 Yard Field Goal)

Seven Field Goals in One Game Display

Jason Hanson Display (Most Field Goals Over 50 Yards)

My next blog will be dedicated to the Hall of Fame Enshrinees Dinner and Induction Ceremony.

Stay Tuned for More of Coach Zauner's Blog!


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