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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Kyle Schlicher University of Iowa

On Saturday Kyle Schlicher drove up to Milwaukee, Wisconsin from Chicago Illinois for an evaluation. Kyle is a former University of Iowa Kicker. Kyle followed current NFL and San Diego Chargers Nate Kaeding as the Hawkeye kicker.

Like all evaluations I let every kicking specialists warm up and do his own progression. I watch, analyze and ask a lot of questions.

While Kyle was warming up I could quickly tell that he had some excellent explosion in his leg. During his One Step kicks he kick the ball high and far.

As he progressed and started kicking field goals with a normal approach he continued to bomb his kicks. However I did notice a slight change in his swing.

When he progressed to kicking with the ball being brought down he hit a couple of ‘Stray Bullets’. He pushed and hooked a couple of kicks. It appeared to me that he was starting to approach too fast and kick the ball too hard. His swing had changed.

Kyle is very knowledgeable when it comes to kicking. I made a couple of observations and he agreed. He also mentioned that he has not been able to kick as much as he would like and has got a little lax with his mechanics.

I told him he has an excellent leg and kicks a nice ball. He just needs to work on a couple of things and get one kicking swing or motion with a more rhythmical tempo and timing.

I told him I would like to see him at my Free Agent Specialists Combine next year in late March or early April.

It was a pleasure meeting Kyle and I wish him the best of luck in the future.

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