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Friday, July 17, 2009

Mitch Berger Training in Arizona

On Wednesday I got back home to Fountain Hills, Arizona from Milwaukee, Wisconsin and on Thursday I was back on the practice field with Mitch Berger. Mitch and I have had a 15 year relationship ever since I brought him into the league with the Minnesota Vikings.

Last season Mitch Berger was the punter for the World Champion Pittsburgh Steelers.

For the last couple of years I have again trained Mitch during the Spring and Summer months getting him ready for training camp. Last year Mitch was not with a team at the start of training camp but was brought into as Pittsburgh's punter, Daniel Sepulveda had a season ending injury.

Mitch Berger Punting in Super Bowl XLIII

On Thursday I was back on the field with Mitch working drills and trying to once again get him ready for another NFL season. Mitch is a free agent and like several other veteran punters waiting for an NFL team to bring him into training camp after some of the new rookies show teams that they are not ready for the 'Big Show'.

Like all punters and kickers Mitch has some tendencies that get him into trouble. In the photo below you can see Mitch dropping the ball inside his punting leg.

To correct an inside drop we worked my One Step Drill. (photo below)

Mitch also has a tendency to drop the ball with the nose up. In the photo below we are working my Drop Progression and One Step Drills emphasizing a nose down drop.

As all punters and kickers get older they sometimes lose a little flexibility. In the two photos below Mitch is punting and crunching.

Photo above Crunching (Side View) and photo below Crunching (Front View)

In the photo below Mitch is working a drill trying not to crunch and punt up and through the ball better. After two sessions Mitch feels like he is punting the ball with much better consistency.

Click below to listen to Mitch Berger's testimonial about Coach Zauner.

I will continue working with Mitch this summer and hope once again he will be in someone training camp or on a roster opening day.

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