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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Jordan Fark One on One

On Monday and Tuesday I gave One on One Kicking Lessons to Jordan Fark from McKendree University. Jordan told me that he Googled Kicking Lessons and my name surfaced on the top of the list.

That means my wife, Michelle along with my website and media guru, Craig are doing an excellent job marketing my talents.

Immediately I could tell this young man had a strong leg. Jordan started his warm up with some One Step kicks and the ball exploded off his foot high and far. As he continued into some regular field goals and a longer approach he started kicking some stray bullets. I told him coaches don't like stray bullets.

We took a short break and reviewed the video tape to see that he was getting his foot and toe wrapped around the ball and causing him to hook the ball left.

We worked some foot position and drills emphasizing hitting the sweet spot of his foot to the sweet spot of the ball. I also tried to get Jordan to slow down his approach and try not to kick so hard. I told him that it looked like he's trying to kick the ball way too hard.

Jordan also was a little erratic with his step on his 'Perfect' triangle. His approach differed from 8 to 12 inches at times moving to the left and right hash marks.

The final day we tried widening Jordan approach on his field goals and kickoff and he liked the adjustment. He was hitting the ball with a better rotation and more consistency.

In the photo above we're working my kick and transfer drill. He also knows that he must work on kicking up and through the ball and ending down field under control and on balance.

It was a pleasure meeting and working with Jordan and I wish him the best of luck next season at McKendree University. McKendree is a NAIA School in Illinois.

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