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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Derek Moore & Matt Alksninis

On Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday Derek Moore was in Milwaukee, Wisconsin for some One on One Punting and Kicking Lessons. Derek is going to be a senior at West Virginia Wesleyan College this coming fall.

Derek and his father Tom drove all the way from the east coast specifically for Derek to improve his punting and kicking technique. And improve he did. At the end of the four day One on One Lessons Derek and his father were very happy with his improvement.

They both also enjoyed going to two of the Milwaukee Brewer baseball games at Miller Park.

During his punting lessons, Derek's drop improved immensely and he was making better and more consistent ball to foot contact. He was hitting more SNO spiral nose over punts to his power zone. We worked many different drills during the four day session and the drills paid dividends. Derek finished the last two days working at the end of practice on his field goal technique.

Derek was originally a straight on kicker that has converted to soccer style kicking. He has struggled with his foot placement and foot to ball contact. He is working hard on a couple of drills to solve that problem. He hit a couple of excellent long field goals but needs to improve his consistency.

It was a pleasure working with Derek and once again I wish him the best of luck this upcoming season.

Derek Moore and Coach Zauner at Wisconsin Lutheran College
Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Also on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday Matt Alksninis from Curry College and his family flew into Milwaukee for some One on One Kicking and Punting Lessons. The family came to Milwaukee basically for Matt's One on One Lessons and also a vacation.

They also enjoyed the Milwaukee Brewer Games and all the activity that Milwaukee has to offer.

Matt and his father Mike

Matt is a former straight-on kicker that is trying to convert to the soccer style kicking technique. At Curry College Matt is the punter and is also trying to help the team out by handling the placekicking duties.

I told Matt that it is not an easy transition going from kicking straight-on to soccer style kicking mainly because of the kickers foot position on the ball. Most of the straight-on kickers still want to use their toe to lead into the ball.

During the three days of kicking, Matt worked hard to get the proper and more consistent foot position on the ball. Matt has strong leg! However, if he or any kicker does not hit the sweet spot of his foot to the sweet spot the kicker is usually very inconsistent.

We watched a lot of video and Matt knows exactly what he needs to do to improve his consistency. He is going to work hard so he can help his team out in both phases of the kicking game.

When Matt started to punt you could tell he felt much more comfortable with punting a football than kicking a field goal.

Matt quickly popped a couple of 45 to 50 yard SNO spiral nose over punts to his power zone and made it look pretty easy.

As Matt continued to punt I noticed his catch, mold and drop. I saw a couple of minor flaws and introduced him to a couple of drills that I thought might help him to refine his technique.

I introduced Matt to my Drop Progression and One Step Punting Drills. I believe Matt and his father Mike were very happy with the One on One Lessons.

It was a pleasure working with Matt and meeting his family and I wish him the best of luck this upcoming season at Curry College.

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