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Thursday, March 24, 2016

Drew Ferris Seattle Seahawks Snapper

Drew Ferris at Coach Zauner's 2016 Free Agent Combine
I first met Drew Ferris in February of 2015 when he attended Coach Zauner's 2015 College Senior Combine in Gilbert, Arizona at Camp Verde High School.  Drew had a very impressive snapping performance however, he weighed in at 222 pounds.  He definitely had NFL potential but was undersized.

Now, in 2016 he attends Coach Zauner's 2016 Free Agent Combine which is also attended by 27 NFL and 4 CFL Teams.  He once again puts on a very impressive showing but now weighs in at 236 pounds.  He not only snaps well, runs well but also interviews well.  
Drew Ferris Field Goal Snaps At Coach Zauner's 2016 Free Agent Combine
After the combine several NFL Special Teams Coordinators talk with Drew and invite him in for additional workouts and physicals.  The word gets out and the recruiting war is on for this young man snapping talents.  
Drew Ferris Punt Snaps At Coach Zauner's 2016 Free Agent Combine
The recruiting process goes on for only a couple of days and by the end of the week Drew agrees on terms with the Seattle Seahawks. 
Drew Ferris Runs Coach Zauner's Agility Drill For NFL Coaches
In the past seven years Coach Zauner's Snapping Programs have produced (17) snappers on NFL & CFL rosters. (15) snappers on NFL rosters and (2) on CFL rosters. 
Coach Zauner's College Senior and Free Agent Combine Producing Results For Snappers
Other College and Free Agent Snappers who have made NFL rosters through Coach Zauner's Combines are: Morgan Cox (Ravens), Justin Drescher (Saints), Christian Young (Browns), Beau Brinkley (Titans), Kevin McDermott (Vikings), Matt Overton (Colts), Kyle Nelson (49ers), John Weeks (Texans), Nick Sundberg (Redskins), Andrew DePaola (Buccaneers), James Winchester (Chiefs) and most recently Rick Lovato (Green Bay Packers).
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Coach Zauner's Snappers ONLY 'Vital Man' Training Camps are growing bigger each year.  More and more snappers are hearing about Coach Zauner's Snapping Programs. If your a snapper that is looking to improve your snapping, blocking or coverage technique than check out Coach Zauner's Snapping Programs at Coach Zauner's Locker Room
Coach Zauner Snapper's ONLY 'Vital Man' Training Camp in Milwaukee, Wisconsin
In January of 2016 I had my first Snappers ONLY Camp in Fountain Hills, Arizona and 34 snappers attended.  This summer in Milwaukee, Wisconsin on July 15-17, 2016 I will have my second Snappers ONLY Camp. 
Coach Zauner's Wisconsin Camp in July Producing Future NFL Snappers
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