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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

University of Virginia Punter, Nicholas Conte has big day vs UCLA

Nicholas Conte University of Virginia Punter
Just want to congratulate University of Virginia Punter, Nicholas Conte for his big game vs UCLA. This was not just Nick's opening game of the 2015 season, but  also his first college career game.

In Nick's first game he punted (4) times and averaged 50.5 yards per punt.  He also had a fake punt for a first down. Way to go Nick!

 Below, read Doug Doughty Article:
Article About Nicholas Conte University of Virginia Punter

I first met Nicholas about two years ago after Allison Conte, Nick's mother called me about checking out some video of here son during spring practice.  She felt her son had potential but never really had any type of quality coaching.  

After a (1) hour phone consultation evaluating Nick's technique he went back to practice.  Nicholas felt the suggestions I recommended worked but wanted more.  He wanted to meet me for a ONE on ONE Punting Lesson.  A couple weeks later Nicholas, Allison and Nick Sr. were on a plane to meet Coach Zauner in Fountain Hills, Arizona.  

After two years of several ONE on ONE Punting Lessons and PRO Development Camps for College Specialists, Nicholas has improved immensely.  A matter of fact at my 2015 May Camp Nicholas won the punting contest.  Below he is pictured with his snapper during the competition, San Diego State's Jeffery Overbaugh.  Jeffery is a senior this year and will be one of the top snappers coming out for the 2016 NFL draft. 
Nicholas Conte and Jeffery Overbaugh (San Diego State Snapper)
Nicholas Conte working on Nose Down Drop
Nicholas has worked relentlessly on improving his drop and his punting technique.  When he came to Arizona for his ONE on ONE Lessons he had a flat to nose up drop and was a very mechanical style punter.  As I advertise on my website, Coach Zauner teaches a more 'Natural Style of Punting and Kicking'.  

In the last two years Nicholas has steadily improved not only with his technique but in all phases of his punting game.  He has become a good Directional Punter as well as improving his inside the 10 yard line Aussie Drop Punts.  As a former LaCrosse and Soccer athlete, running for a first down against UCLA was also pretty natural. 

Nicholas Conte with 'A Natural Style of Punting'
Once again congrats to Nicholas in his first career college game.  However, with all athletes success is measured with consistent performances.  I believe if any punter has better fundamentals and technique he will be more consistent.  With Nick's improved technique, hard work and dedication I expect more great things in his future!

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