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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Joe Cardona, Navy Snapper Makes N.E. Patriots Final Roster

Congrats To Snapper Joe Cardona (Navy) 
For Making N. E. Patriots Final Roster
Joe Cardona at 2014 July PRO Development Camp in Milwaukee, Wisconsin
I first met Joe Cardona (Navy) at my Milwaukee, Wisconsin PRO Development Camp for College Kicking, Punting & Snapping Specialist.

At first glance I could tell Joe Cardona had NFL Potential. However, like most young college snappers they all need to learn more importantly to snap and block in a PRO style punt formation. 

In past years I have been very successful helping several other College Specialists make the transition from College snapping to the NFL.  Many of those snappers have been a part of Coach Zauner's Programs which include:  ONE on ONE Snapping Lessons, PRO Development Camps, College Senior or Free Agent Combines.  Most of these snappers attended one or more of the programs.  Those snappers include: Jon Weeks (Texans), Jeremy Cain (Jaguars), Nick Sundberg (Redskins), Morgan Cox (Ravens), Justin Drescher (Saints), Matt Overton (Colts), Christian Yount (Browns), Kevin McDermott (Vikings), Beau Brinkley (Titans), Kyle Nelson (49ers), Andrew DePaola (Buccaneers) and most recently James Winchester (Chiefs).
NFL Snappers That Have Used Coach Zauner's PROGRAMS:
Pro Camps, College Senior & Free Agent Combines
Last summer Joe Cardona and Andrew East were two more snappers that have participated in one of Coach Zauner's Programs and moved on to bigger and better things. 

I don't know how much I thought Joe about snapping but I believe I pointed him in the right direction with regards to selecting the right agent and the "Process".

I believe the sooner I see young College and NFL potential specialists, the better I can help educate them and their parents about "The Process".  The "Process" which includes important information about the selection of an agent, upcoming Bowl Games such as the Senior Bowl, their PRO Day, Coach Zauner's College Senior Combine and the NFL Draft. 
Joe Cardona (Navy) and Andrew East (Vanderbilt) Invited To 2015 Senior Bowl
Last fall I also received a call from the Director of the Senior Bowl, Phil Savage.  Phil and I worked together at the Baltimore Ravens for four years.  Phil called asking for recommendations for kicking specialists.

Joe Cardona (Navy) and Andrew East both received and invitation to the 2015 Senior Bowl. Joe later got invited to the NFL Combine in February in Indianapolis.  Joe's performance at the Senior Bowl and NFL Combine produced a 5th Round selection by the New England Patriots. Andrew East was signed as a Free Agent with the K.C. Chiefs.   Joe should be the starting snapper for the New England Patriots this season unless his Naval commitment interferes with his NFL future.

Again congratulations to Joe for his accomplishment and continued success this upcoming NFL season!

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